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Elvira is a master at what she does, making you look and feel good with your new hair system. I have had so many comments on my “new look”, that I just attribute to her— my new hair dresser. She is caring, takes her time and really is so affordable compared to other places in San Diego. You’ll save so much on the cost of the original hair system, plus your monthly maintenance! I’m so glad I found her on the Internet. My self-confidence and look has never been better.  Thank you!   SW

Hello, I do have to say that I have great peace knowing that Elvira is here for me. She’s sensitive and caring. Any man or woman with hair loss is self-conscious about the way they look. But just know you have several affordable options when you see her.
Backed by 15 years of experience, Elvira makes me look my best. And with a revived self esteem, I can step out into the world and feel my best. When in public or at work, no one knows that I wear a system. It looks THAT real!! And when I have a ‘Bad Hair Day’ emergency, Elvira stops her busy world and takes me in. Having peace about your looks is so important.        Grant

I have been a client for over 7 years and have been extremely happy with Amazing Hair Secrets. I previously went to another hair integration business for several years prior but was displeased with the expense and pressure to buy more than 1 integration piece at a time. Elvira is incredibly ethical, her prices are very fair, and she services her clients like family.  I have referred many happy clients to Amazing Hair Secrets!         Kim

Elvira at Amazing Hair Secrets has been providing a hair system for me for almost 5 years. No one can tell I have a system. It absolutely looks natural and blends in with my own hair. She uses the HIGHEST quality 100% human hair and, if necessary, is amazing with her ability to color it to match your own hair (always a dead giveaway when colors are not a match!). She is also skilled and meticulous about the cut and fitting so that you have a custom haircut instead of the “hair club for men” standard look. She takes her time and is not on an assembly line mentality like the big franchises. The prices are very reasonable but not totally “discount” because you get a very high quality, artistic  look-but her prices are probably as low as you can find for an experienced, knowledgeable system expert. I could go on but I will say that you should meet Elvira and have a consultation. You will like her I am sure and if you give her a try you will love your AMAZING, authentic new look!

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