Custom Designed

There are many decisions that must be made to create a custom-fitted hair system for you. We don’t use the term “custom” lightly. To us, and to our clients, custom means your hair replacement system is tailored to fit.  Your new unit will be shaped and sized to match your unique balding pattern. It will be color matched, cut and styled to blend naturally with your own growing hair.

Measurements Taken

Since each person’s head has a unique shape, it is important to create a mold of your scalp so that the contours of the head are replicated. This will ensure the hairpiece fits flush to the scalp. The mold is then sent to our lab where the construction of your hair piece begins based on the options you have selected.

Design Options

Decisions, decisions. This is where we both work together to decide the type of skin membrane to use, the type of hair, length, color, curl, and direction of your hair style. All this is used to create your personal and custom hair that will be the most undetectable system on the market.

Hair Membrane – What type of skin base to use?

Hair system membranes are one of the crucial parts of your hair replacement system. Two materials can be used.

  • Polymer – creates an imitation skin-like material and are extremely durable.
  • Mesh fabrics – Used to create a fine lace material and are typically made of nylon or polyester for the front hairline.

Hair Type – What type of hair you would like?

  • Human Hair – Only the highest quality hair from the Far East is used, which is less prone to knotting and tangling. This hair can be permed, curled and styled like your own natural hair. The main disadvantage is that it requires periodic re-coloring to maintain the original color.
  • European Hair – The cream of the crop in human hair. This hair is from one donor and has the hairs natural cuticles intact. The hair is hand sorted by length and color. This hair is softer, silkier and retains its original color much better than processed human hair.

Wave or Curl – Do you want a wave or curl?

  • Straight – Recommended for clients who have very straight hair.
  • Light body – Recommended for most clients who want straight hair with some body. (the slight amount of body allows the hair to be easily styled)
  • Light Wave – 1” curls (appears as a wave)
  • Med Wave – In between light wave & med curl
  • Med curl – 3/4” curls
  • Loose curl – In between medium and tight curl
  • Tight curl – 1/2″ curls

Density – What density of hair would you like?

  • Medium Light – Hair density is 7% lighter than medium
  • Medium – Average density of most people
  • Medium Heavy – Hair density is 7% thicker than medium

Color – Perfect match or go bold??

  • A number of color choices are available for you to choose. Do you want to match your existing hair color, or do you want to step out with a new look? Additional gray hair can be added into the system as well.
Women's Hair Color choices

Women’s Hair Color choices

Men's Hair Color choices

Men’s Hair Color choices