Care and Maintenance

Typically, appointments are made every 4-6 weeks where the hair system is removed from your scalp and washed. This is followed by a haircut and an optional coloring of your own hair.  The hair system is then re-attached to your scalp.


How-To Shampoo Your Hair System Properly and Safely

Shampooing your hair system is an important part of maintaining a natural appearance. Unfortunately, it’s also rough on the system. Here’s a few things you can do to protect your investment and maximize the life span of your hair system.

AHS recommends shampooing your hair system only 1-2 times per week!

1. In Case You Get Tangled

  • Before getting into the shower, wet your head and brush all the hairs toward the same direction. This adds moisture to the hair strands and will ease friction while washing.
  • If your hair is tangled before you get in the shower it helps to dilute your shampoo with just a little bit of water before applying. This will also make it easier to rub the shampoo in to the hair.
  • Using a wide-tooth comb or a specially designed Vent Brush in the shower while you shampoo will help prevent hair strands from intertwining and getting caught on each other.

2.  Work It In

After wetting your hair and head, pour the shampoo into your hands first. Then start by lathering the shampoo into your natural growing hair. Only after you work the shampoo into your natural hair should you move toward and over top of your hair system.  With the shampoo covering your entire hair system try and resist the urge to scrub the shampoo in with your fingers, this could damage the unit. Instead use a gentle patting motion to spread around the shampoo. This should also help it get through to your scalp.

3.  Go With the Flow

Once you feel like you’ve shampooed enough, rinsing is the last obstacle. To avoid tangling, tilt your head back and be sure to rinse your entire head with the water streaming down your back.

4.  Pat Softly But Don’t Rub

Once out of the shower, use a towel to pat softly over your scalp. No rubbing allowed as this causes the hair to get more tangled.


Keeping your Hair System Soft

Maintaining a soft, natural-feeling hair system is a problem all hair wearers face. Here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts that can help keep your hair system looking soft and natural.

More Conditioning, try leave-in conditioner Excessive shampooing
Use hair products that contain sunscreen Constant swimming and exposure to chlorine
Air dry your hair Excessive blow drying