About Amazing Hair Secrets

For over 25 years, Elvira Castanon has been in the hair restoration business learning the trade from the ground up. For years she was working as an assistant to one of the top hair replacement stylist in Hollywood. Her dream however, was starting a business of her own where she could offer a unique personal touch at a much lower cost compared to the so-called Hair Clubs or high-volume replacement centers.

Elvira made the jump in 2009 and finally opened up her one-women hair replacement boutique business.  She specializes in custom hair systems, repairs, and ventilating of human hair one hair at a time into each piece. In fact, repairs, hair additions, tinting or any adjustments can be done while you wait. Unlike other businesses where they send your hair system out for repair which can take days or weeks, Elvira can get it done immediately.

Elvira’s goal is to create hair replacements of superior quality and styling and to provide the best level of service at all appointments in a private and friendly environment.  She is very sensitive to your needs and will always give you her utmost individual attention.  What she offers at Amazing Hair Secrets is a unique personal touch with the utmost detail. In order to sustain this standard of excellence, Elvira chose to keep her business small; dedicating herself to make you look your very best.


Please give Elvira a call to set up a FREE private, confidential consultation to help determine which option is best for you. There will be no hard sales pitch, and no contracts. Just an informative meeting so that you can start to look great, feel good and enjoy life with a full head of hair again; all without embarrassment and without being self-conscious!

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Elvira Castanon

Office: 858-274-2337; if no answer, she may be with a client, so please leave a message.  

All calls will be returned.